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Get That Shot! - Interning on a Fashion Photo Shoot

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by Alyssa Francois (Class of 2014)

At LIM College, I don’t know one student who doesn’t get excited about embarking on their Senior semester. This is when we are put in a full-time internship position in a career field that we want to pursue post-graduation.

I want to learn about every aspect of the fashion editorial field - everything and anything that will help me acquire the skills required for the career of my choice. This is how I landed my Senior Co-op internship at Moda Operandi as a Photo Shoot Production Intern.

As a Fashion Merchandising major, the courses I have taken can lead to roles in various sectors in the fashion industry - including publications, styling, buying, retail management and more. I am currently pursuing a career path in publications and fashion editorial. As an intern at Moda Operandi I get a hands-on feel for what it takes to make a garment come alive, creatively tell a story, and make our customer see why the item featured is a must-have in her closet.

I am involved in every editorial. Sourcing props, prepping samples, assisting stylists, and bringing inspiration to life are a few of my responsibilities. Often times certain things may not exist and you have to make them. Sound impossible? Not in the fashion world. You have to find a way to get that shot! The beauty of the end result makes it all worth it.

Speaking of finding a way to get that shot... to match the “Kooky” theme for our shoot, I had to source milk crates in red, yellow, and green. We could only get red and were pressed for time. White crates and some good old spray paint from the art store did the trick! And to add to my D.I.Y project, we didn’t have smocks, so I headed to our freight area and made smocks out of garbage bags. Pretty neat, right?

LIM College - Spraypainting crates

Take a look: We got the shot!

LIM College - Alyssa Francois crates photo

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