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LIM College Fashion Show – REBELution

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The 69th annual LIM College fashion show took place April 12 at Roseland Ballroom. The edgy glam theme completely embodied what REBELution was all about - bringing the inner rock star out of all of our personal styles and allowing everyone’s personality to shine through with a good dose of flair.

Each of the 30 models rocked the runway with studded hats to complement their leather and tutus, or voluminous hairstyles standing on end with dip-dyed strands cascading down each model’s embellished, denim-vested shoulders. I was extremely impressed with the show and believe that each person who put time into this event deserves a round of applause. The whole theme really captured the audience’s attention and interest; from our beautiful student models to a brilliant DJ mix that brought cohesion to the entire experience.

Of course, the Visual Club had the chance to display the structure we have been working on for weeks. Morgan Walsh designed the structure as a 3D representation of our school logo constructed from PVC pipe and plexi-glass. We gathered products and pieces that rang true to the glam-rock theme, including microphones, tiaras, old records, skulls, crystals, guitars and more, to really capture what we perceived REBELution to be.

LIM - REBELution

Each letter was a specific color, so the products were distributed evenly and then painted to fit their letter’s identifier. The 6-foot structure stood beside the DJ booth and was illuminated during the show for all to see.

The fashion show went off without a hitch and everyone who was there did their part to make it quite an impressive night to remember.

Were you at REBELution? What was your favorite element of the show? If you couldn’t be there, check out the video below to gain a little insight as to what went on!

youtube image 41913

(video recap courtesy of Kaitlyn Leonard of LIM College)

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