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Graduation Parties the Easy Moderately Priced Way

posted by LIM College staff Staff Profiles Desktops & Documents lola.rephann My Documents website BLOGS Hubspot Blogs Short Takes MelissaPisarraWe’ve seen more than enough tacky but very expensive teen parties on MTV. Just because right now money may be tight does not mean that this year's LIM College Graduation parties need to be a bust.

Out of state guests might enjoy a genuine New York Pizza party. Roma’s on the Upper East Side can provide one, with proximity to the LIM College Residence Hall, Central Park and shopping to walk off the pizza pounds. Brick oven pizza, as served at John’s in Greenwich Village and other restaurants, might suit NYC natives who can argue over who serves the best pizza for hours.

If a sweet tooth is your vice, Dylan’s Candy shop, on 59th Sreet and Lexington, will make your guests “ohh and ahh” at the wall-to-wall candy selection. What’s more, the store’s philosophy is to merge sweets and fashion, so you’ll find a wide range of beauty products there to try.

Having an adults-only celebration? Many NYC clubs are free for those over 21 if the party arrives before midnight. My favorite club is Esculita’s on 39th Sreet, with great music, a friendly atmosphere, and a drag show.

A graduation party in New York does not have to double your student debt. You just have to be willing to indulge your inner craving for a slice, a little childhood regression, or take a walk on the cross-dressing wild side with family and friends.

-- Melissa Pisarra

New York Magazine (like Zagat’s) rates pizzerias every year

Dylan’s Candy Bar


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