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A Visit with the Editor of Running With Heels

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Amanda Jaccard, LIM College Student, interviews the author and performer Angela Gilltrap, who is also the Editor-in-Chief of, a leading fashion website.

How would you describe yourself?

I’m an Australian New Yorker who found herself in Manhattan amidst chaos and calamity and called it home. I’ve worked in the fashion and entertainment industry since I was sixteen as a writer, author, TV presenter and performer, touring the world and attending international fashion shows and presentations. I am fortunate enough to have been a part of the creation of the first-ever fashion accessory magazine made exclusively for the iPad, RWH which was launched this month.

How would you describe RunningWithHeels in under 15 words?

A comprehensive fashion accessory website dedicated to the very best in style.

Do you believe bloggers are the fashion industry’s new muses?

No, it's not the medium it’s the message that creates a buzz. What blogs have done is given people a platform. What they choose to do with the platform is the defining judgement. I consider RWH a website rather than a blog, but the most important thing about any information-driven entity is: 1) know your facts 2) research your subject 3) after you’ve done all that, make an intelligent observation. This will get you respect within the industry.

How long has RunningWithHeels been going? was created in 2006 by Angela Kay and Morgan Williams. I took over in 2010 having a strong background in multi-media development, strategic editorial content and all things fashion.

How do you decide what to exhibit?

Our content goes through strict screening before being posted on the site. Every week my writers and I attend up to fifteen events getting sneak previews and the latest news on the hottest brands.

What do you like best about fashion?

 I love that it allows you to express yourself. There are some very talented people in this industry, from creative set-designers to flamboyant business moguls. There is never a dull day. 

Do you prefer clothing or accessories? Tell us about your favorites.

Accessories are definitely a high priority mainly because my wardrobe is compiled of staple pieces that are trans-seasonal (and mostly black). Accessories allow me to be a bit more flamboyant. Handbags and rings are my favorites.

What kind of shoes should most women have?

Shoes that make them feel great, strut with style and are easy to wear. Life is too short for uncomfortable shoes. Invest in the staples and add some trend pieces to spice things up.

How high is enough?

The height of your heel should never be dictated by fashion, but should be about what you feel most comfortable wearing. There is nothing more unstylish than falling off your heel!

Is there a specific type of shoe that you’re most drawn to?

Design wise I love the way-out creations. They really do push the boundaries of design. Personally, I’m a boot girl. Any season, any day. They allow me to get where I’m going as quickly and stylishly as possible.

What are the latest trends in lady’s shoes?

Spring sees a more feminine look making its way onto the market. Great wedges in stunning pastels will allow us all to get back to a more feminine look.

Your best fashion advice?

Be yourself. Fashion is what you choose, not what others choose for you. If you want to indulge in the latest trends, accessorize and don’t be afraid to wear your best clothes. Every day is an event!

-- Amanda Jaccard


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