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Twit Epiphany

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describe the imageTwitter is now a solid part of the social-media revolution, with 190 million users creating 65 million tweets a day. Strategic use of Twitter is now a critical component in anyone’s marketing mix.

So why did this technology scare me for so long? Why would any budding publicist fear such a powerful PR tool? A lack of understanding was definitely to blame. I thought, “Am I really interesting enough to Tweet?” or “Who will ever care enough to follow me?” Well, it turned  out that in two weeks, over forty people (friends, peers, obscure businesses such as a florist in India, a hiking gear company, and a few industry professionals) have found me worthy of following, meaning that my tweets will show up on their home page. If you are worried that you’ll run out of things to say, something as simple as “I love splurging on my morning pick-me-up at Starbucks” will evoke responses. Throw in a hashtag or two, and other users can easily find you. Watching Sex and the City? Tweet “I still cry watching Carrie get left at the altar by Big in SATC.” You will be surprised at the hundreds of SATC followers on Twitter at a given moment.  If you prefer to remain mysterious, “lock” your tweets and only invite or approve people you know to follow you.

While Twitter has become an ever-important marketing tool describe the imagefor businesses, it is equally important in networking. If you visit a fantastic showroom during an LIM College Field Trip, why not Tweet them back (using the @ symbol) to say how much you love their new collection? They will surely appreciate the praise, and you can learn the ease of virtual networking. The most practical user I have found is LIM College’s Center for Career Development (@LIMCareerCenter). They tweet all day long about job opportunities, internships, and even part-time retail positions—SO much easier than scrolling through Symplicity postings all day.

Besides using Twitter to promote myself, my favorite part of my newfound Twitter world has been following fashion’s heavy hitters. I love following The Cut (@cutblog), WWD (@womensweardaily), Racked NY (@rackedny), and StyleCaster (@stylecaster) for up-to-the-minute news in an instant. I only wish I had time to sip my morning coffee while perusing WWD in its entirety, but unfortunately that is just not my lifestyle. Scrolling through all of the important headlines between classes or on the bus to class makes keeping up with the industry’s beats easier than I ever imagined.        

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