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The Top 10 LIM College Youtube Videos of 2011

posted by LIM College

2011 is wrapping up here at LIM College. Before we look on to the 2012 school year, we thought we would look back at the Youtube videos from 2011 that you viewed the most.  From the college’s annual fashion show, the new ad campaign, our visual merchandising program, to fall and spring fashion trends, check out what made your video playlist this year!

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1)      LIM College Fashion Show 2011 Kemet: 1,072 views

2)      LIM College MBA Program in Fashion Management & Entrepreneurship: 922 views

3)      LIM College Visual Merchandising: 865 views

4)      LIM College Ad Campaign Photoshoot: 628 views

5)      LIM College Summer Fashion Lab 2011: 612 views

6)      Emergency Response at LIM College: 485 views

7)      LIM College Welcome Week/Orientation 2011: 475 views

8)      LIM College – Spring Trends 2011: 394 views

9)      LIM College- Falls Trends 2011: 377 views

10)    LIM College- Going to School in the Fashion Capital: 340 views

What is your favorite LIM College Youtube video for 2011?

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