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Advice for LIM College Freshman

posted by Carla Alves


College_101It’s funny how it seems that it took forever to reach the end of this tunnel, but it actually went pretty fast. It kind of feels like it was yesterday that I was excited for my first day in college.

College is a whole new experience for students and going to school in New York City takes this adventure to a whole new level. Looking back I can say that I pretty much did everything I wanted during this journey, and I can conclude this part of my life on a great note.

As a freshman, I didn’t realize how much work college would be, or even what else was included in the experience, but now I can help other newbies to feel like they know what they are doing right from the start

- Research your professors. There are websites that allow you to see what other students think about certain professors. Even though LIM College has amazing faculty, professors have their own way of teaching and you might identify yourself with specific ones.

- Explore all what the school has to offer. From free activities to time-management workshops. The school has so much going on all the time and you should take advantage of everything because it will be useful for your general life.

- Go out and about in NYC. We have the advantage of having NYC as our campus, why not just get to know it better? There are free events, museums, places to eat and so much more. HAVE FUN!

- Join a club, form a club, be active. Make sure you are involved because it's not only a great way to make friends and learn about something different, but also employers love to know that you were part of team outside of the classroom.

- Lastly, use everyone you know for your own benefit. Make connections. Talk with your professors and the other staff outside of the classroom. They have so much to add in your life that you can’t even begin to imagine!

Enjoy this journey. In the blink of an eye you will be done and ready for the real world!

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