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Being a Fashion Scholar at LIM College

posted by Erica Yanus


Getting a letter in the mail accepting you into the Fashion Scholars program was quite a surprise. I had never taken any honors or AP classes, but I was still made it into the program.

As a Fashion Scholar you receive a scholarship, priority housing, priority scheduling, priority to all the internships and study abroad opportunities and a special academic advisor. Our advisor is Dr. Jacqueline Leblanc. She's always available to discuss scheduling or any difficulties we’re having with classes.

We also receive a mentor who is currently working in the industry. In the Fashion Scholar’s program you take all honors classes and take classes that non-scholars don’t have to. For example: Calculus I and II.

All of the freshmen fashion scholars have the same classes together. There are only 13 of us and it’s a very diverse group.

We come from all across the country, we all want to major in something different, we all have different styles and personalities, but somehow we all bonded right away. It is nice to know people who are just as confused about the homework as you are.

We have special lunches where the freshmen scholars get to meet the upperclassmen scholars who are very helpful in answering any questions. Another perk to being in the program is the opportunities you receive. We were able to get tickets to Macy’s Front Row Fashion Show during our second week here.

At LIM our professors really want us to succeed. I think being in the Honors Program is very beneficial to our careers in the future of this industry. It looks good on a resume and it is a great place to meet people who could you find a job one day.

All of us honor girls take our education seriously considering the classes are more challenging and faster paced. Because you have to maintain a specific GPA to stay in the honors program, it makes me more motivated to keep my grades up. With that comes added pressure but in the future it will all be worth it.

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