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Visual Merchandising Project: Futuristic Crude

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by Erin Meade (Class of 2014)

For the Planning and Visual Education Partnership (PAVE) Student Gallery Project, LIM College selected nine students to participate and design their own punk mannequin using essentials such as safety pins, razors, studs and spikes. The color palette featured only black and white and the design was required to have an “artfully destroyed” look to it, even though it was focused around a punk theme.

I came up with a design that featured black and white pants that were made mostly out of safety pins. I also added white pleather panels to the top of the slacks to keep them together.

Erin Meade - Mannequin pants

For the top, I decided to go with a structured blazed that had a collar that sticks up into points and the bottom replicated a peplum concept. The blazer was done in translucent plastic material and the color was done using black pleather. I then added more safety pins to the blazer.

Erin Meade - Mannequin hair

Everything worked well together in the overall piece…. I call my mannequin Futuristic Crude

Erin Meade - Mannequin

Topics: visual merchandising, fashion trends