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Old School’s New School

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by Meghan McDermott, Class of 2015
mannequin next to picture

Graphics by Lindsay Nunnyer
Mannequin by Alexis Gonzalez

For the past seven years, LIM College has collaborated with George Little Management, the producers of the National Stationery Show at the Jacob Javits Center, to design and execute the display for the show’s Best New Products section.

This year our driving force of inspiration was a middle ground between left and right brain. We were heavily influenced by technologic advancements in society as well as the natural and organic creative process that comes with being a young industry professional -- a play on Old School’s New School.

The team was able to convey these contrasting elements in a cohesive way by incorporating technology, hardware, geometric shapes in a 3D manner, and a bold color palette against matte black and white.

big green gem necklace

All Things Wedding by Meghan McDermott

The team decided to design display tables trimmed with computer parts that we extracted from old units by hand ourselves. Each one of us had the opportunity to trim a bust form. Each and every bust form revealed not only our interpretation of the evolving mind of a young and modern industry professional, but our own personal flair as well.

LIM College is renowned for providing students with opportunities outside the classroom that allow us to evolve and excel as individuals and industry professionals. Through client meetings in the board room and visual team brainstorming sessions, to the sourcing of supplies within a budget and time allocation for effective install and breakdown, the National Stationery Show is a challenging opportunity that provides as an extremely beneficial learning experience.

mannequin with yellow bikini

Do-It-Yourself by John Lynch

mannequin with artistic bikini

The Desktop by Liz Berardi

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