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Creating the Set for the LIM College Fashion Show

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by Meghan McDermott

Here at LIM College we take our fashion shows very seriously! Once the concept and theme are decided and settled, it’s game time until show time.

This past semester I was fortunate enough to become the President of our Visual Club. I had been a member of the club, but taking on the role of President was a challenge. I struggle when it comes to delegation and organizing elements of projects that need to be handled outside of my control. But this was the perfect opportunity to test and train myself to adjust while still demonstrating a positive attitude and building morale for my team.

Confectory stage drawing

This year our show was titled Confectory -- an industrial and darker version of our childhood game Candyland. We were instructed to design and create props - such as giant candy pieces with industrial elements - that would blend into the three sections of the show. The sections were the Peppermint Forest, Licorice Forest and Candy Castle. My team and I came to a collective decision to execute giant Blow Pops, 6-foot tall licorice trees and trippy candy mushrooms.

confectory white board planning

With our venue (Hammerstein Ballroom) being double in size from last year’s, it was certainly a challenge to design props that wouldn’t become entirely lost in the venue. The props seemed massive in the visual studio, but relatively small in proximity to the actual stage at first. After adjusting and gathering input from the Fashion Show Production team and Stage Director, we came to a perfect creation, beyond even my original vision or 3D rendering.

confectory planning 3d image

If you’re a Visual Merchandising student or even just a creative and hands-on person looking for something more at LIM College, please feel free to inquire about and join our Visual Club! We’re ALWAYS thrilled to welcome new members and eager to see what you can bring to the team.

Confectory real stageConfectory prop creation










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