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Visual Merchandising Summer Internship in Italy

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LIM College Visual Merchandising majors Erin Mino and Bianca Bartolo are doing Summer 2013 internships at Grottini Retail Enviroments in Porto Recanati, Italy.


Another week has flown by here at Grottini. Bianca and I have had a number of projects that we are working on. Along with the sketches for Piazza Italia that Bianca showed you, we are now developing window display concepts for the Verona store, as well as in-store merchandising, wall displays, and mannequin set ups for their flagship store in Rome. We have also been working on creating logos for an Italian shoe brand, Shoes & Co., as well as sourcing materials for in-store fixtures and lighting for them.sketchAside from all of the office work, Bianca and I are also planning on spending the weekend in Rome, which we are both very excited about! We plan on putting our photography skills to the test which we learned last semester in Fashion Photography. So far we've used our cameras a bit, just to shoot some landscape shots around Porto Recanati. All of the hills and valleys are covered in beautiful sunflowers, so we took a trip at sunset the other day to take some shots of them.

Erin and Bianca

Everything has been going very well here, and we hope that you are enjoying your summers as much as we are! Talk to you again soon!

-by Erin Mino

Topics: fashion industry, visual merchandising