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Visual Merchandising Internship Projects

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Erin and I just arrived back at Grottini today from an amazing weekend in Rome. We had made it our mission to visit and photograph as much as we can, and we certainly did. From the Colosseum to the Fontana of Trevi, we've been continuously wowed and inspired from the beautiful historic sites and architecture of the city.

Bianca Erin at Coliseum

Back at Grottini we are juggling a few projects. At the moment we are working on the retail company Shoes & Co., trying to decide which materials are best for the interior of the store and fixtures. We have also designed logos for the company, as well as a light fixture and other in-store props. We are also working to design a touch screen kiosk for Carlo Pazolini, using textures and designs inspired by the store. And, lastly, we also have the task of designing Piazza Italia's in-store displays and windows, which will be revealed in late August, I believe.

It has been a great month for both learning and exploring, and we both are grateful for the opportunity.


Topics: visual merchandising, fashion internships