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Iron Merchant Visual Merchandising Challenge

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by Erin Meade (Class of 2014)

The Iron Merchant visual merchandising competition was held at Maxwell Hall during Family & Friends Weekend. During the event, four teams were given a mannequin and about an hour to design and finish a concept inspired by “punk.” The teams also needed to include a “secret ingredient,” which was handcuffs.

As the announcers introduced the challenge, concepts were already going through my head. Once they said we could start....ready set go! I explained the concept I had in mind to the rest of my team to see if we were all on the same page -- and we were.

Iron Merchant visual merchandising competition

Each team member had a part they could design freely while keeping with the punk-inspired look. My team, the purple team, designed a fur structured/messy top clipped with safety pins and a skirt made of zippers. We finished it with a Mohawk, of course, and punk accessories.

Iron Merchant visual merchandising competition

The experience was amazing -- fast paced, energetic and fun. The displays all came together and reflected a punk look. It was great to see each team’s own aesthetic.

The purple team created the winning Iron Merchant display!

Iron Merchant visual merchandising competition - purple team

Topics: fashion industry, visual merchandising