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Fate Will Step In: The Story of How I Stumbled Across My Dream Internship in NYC

posted by Kyla Porcellini


At the beginning of last year’s spring semester, I found myself feeling discouraged. I had lost my favorite job and was having a lot of trouble finding a corporate internship. I’d applied to over a dozen companies and only received one interview. That interview was my last hope, and yet, nothing came of it.

Alas, I had to drop my Career Building Internship class (the first and only class I’ve ever dropped during my two years at LIM) and replaced it with a Thursday night Business Law class. It hurt my pride. I compared myself to the students who did find internships that semester. I wondered, Why them and not me?

Well, here’s a good theory of mine: I was only looking for buying internships. Each of the internships I applied for was to be a buying intern. I’ve wanted to be a buyer for years now, so I thought the first real internship I ever got needed to be in my aspirational field…This is so untrue. It’s important to be open to the opportunities that come your way and willing to try out fields that you could potentially be interested in.

That being said, fast-forward a few months and I had the best grades I’d ever earned at LIM. I’d also been promoted to Student Marketing Coordinator in the Admissions office. Rremember that job I lost? There was a good reason I lost it.) Once I realized I needed an internship for the fall that didn’t have to be a buying position, I started interviewing for showroom positions. I actually got one of them, too! Everything was better once I learned to accept the circumstances.   

On a Thursday night in April, I stood in front of one of the vending machines in The Townhouse, indecisive as ever. I was working on homework after I got done in the Admissions office and waiting to go into my Business Law class. First—I needed a snack. 

GypsyWarrier.png“Where did you get your jacket?” I spun around to see a girl with two trendy buns atop her head.

Gypsy Warrior!” I answered enthusiastically. I love Gypsy Warrior. I had sent my resume to their general email three times.

“I thought I recognized it. I’m a keyholder at the store,” she said.

My jaw nearly hit the floor. I explained to her that I dreamed of interning for them. You know what she did after our lengthy conversation? She gave me the buyer’s email address.

Today, I’m a Buying Intern at Gypsy Warrior. I went through a hard time during the beginning of my fourth semester at LIM, but I learned to continue working hard despite unfavorable circumstances. Fate will eventually step in.

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