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Favorite Spots on Campus

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By Ruby Munoz

Very often when I talk about campus, I get confused because LIM’s campus is literally the city! It is so awesome and exciting! Having to walk up Fifth Avenue between classes is so unbelievable. Fifth Avenue is basically our hallway.  How crazy is that? We get to pass by Saks windows everyday, and see the latest collections that designers have to offer. Not to mention the other amazing and great stores on Fifth Avenue where you can get inspiration and stay updated with the trendiest fashion. Just walking from one class to another is definitely something I look forward to every single day.

munoz_122914One of my favorite spots on campus is a public park that is located just across from The Townhouse building, on 53rd and Madison. People gather there during lunch hour, or go by themselves to read a book or just rest. I like this park a lot because it has a flowing cascade and I love the sound of the water. I find it so relaxing. When it gets darker, the place becomes positively enchanting. The cascade lights are turned on and then, all of a sudden, it becomes a magical place. During winter I barely visit the park because of the cold weather, but in the spring I go there every time I have a break. It’s somewhere you have to go and spent at least some time. I am sure you will like it as I do.

The library is another one of my favorite spots on campus. Any fashion book you can imagine can be found there. Plus, you can find any fashion magazine published around the globe. The library also has a DVD rental section, which contains fashion documentaries, movies, and even TV series. Being fashion students in New York is so fabulous thanks to all the amenities LIM College has to offer, so be curious and make use of them!


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