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Feeling Anxious or Homesick? What to Do If You Are a New LIM College Student.

posted by Sofia Hardoy


Being a new college student can be extremely nerve-racking. It can be difficult to make friends and to adapt to a new environment and lifestyle.

Experiencing these changes demands a great deal of energy from us and we can feel emotionally drained at times. Hence it is paramount to be reminded that any stress or anxiety that you may be feeling is not wrong, but it isn’t necessary either.

In this situation we may become stressed due to the unnecessary pressure that we put on ourselves. Starting at a new school is not supposed to be easy and it is normal to face obstacles. 

However, we cannot be too hard on ourselves, instead, we have to be kind to ourselves. Everyone experiences challenges but we have various challenges in common, so we are not the only ones having a difficult time.

At first it can be difficult for some people to connect and get close with others. For some it might initially feel impossible. No, it does not mean that you have an anxiety disorder or that you are antisocial. As humans we are social beings who strive to fit in by associating ourselves with like-minded people.

To build a deep and meaningful friendship, some people have to get to know each other and that takes time. “Fitting in” boosts our self-esteem. On the contrary, we feel discouraged and even insecure when we are not immediately bonding with people. Just remember to put yourself out there and be open to meeting people. All will be resolved with

Homesickness is also a common experience. Those who moved away from their family and friends may feel lonely and homesick. This is all part of the adjustment process. What's great is if you can distract yourself with school, friends, activities, and even work.

It is also crucial to keep in mind that the idea of you still at home is futile and it is in the past. During this time we have to be selfish and think of our potential career and future, and LIM is truly the best place where we could be.

Feeling homesick? Try not to be! A well-rounded college experience means more than classes and fashion industry internships while living in NYC. With student clubs to join and lifelong friendships to form, LIM College offers the fun, supportive environment you need to succeed.

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