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From the Office to LIM to Off-duty: Tips to Transfer from Day to Night

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by Madison Roe

As students at LIM College we manage work, school, internships, and social lives. Constantly on the go, who truly has time to change for every social outing?

In my past experience, I’ve had an 8 o'clock internship in Hell's Kitchen, rushed to class (am course!), then carried myself to the West village for a friend’s birthday dinner. The real detail is that I did not show up to dinner in trousers and blazer. I came fully fashioned and was not fashionably late.

Here are some easy outfits that are office-appropriate and good for a night out. Because let's face it, we don't all have time to run home and change before we meet up with the girls for dinner.

① Jumpsuits are always an easy one and done out. For the office, style your jumpsuit with a blazer and flats. For night, take off the blazer and throw on some jewelry and heels.


② With spring coming up, you will need a dress that is acceptable for your boss and your professor to see. Sometimes finding that dress is hard, but if you pick one that has an appropriate length but still fun, using colors and shapes, there is no need to stop at home for an outfit change.


③ Now for the third and final outfit. I suggest to wearing a fun skirt. Usually a midi skirt with color, a simple blouse, and booties work well. Occasionally I will run around in my sneakers with a skirt.  It is very simple yet chic at the same time. You’ll impress your classmates and boss.



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