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Getting Involved at LIM College

posted by Aryelle Santos


With tackling school, work and interning, it seems almost impossible to find time to participate in school activities. Luckily, I have provided three easy ways to get involved with LIM!

1.  Read over the emails that LIM College sends you!

I know that throughout the semester LIM College is sending out emails about yoga classes in the Residence Hall, volunteer opportunities, and networking events.

It is so easy to move those emails into your trash bin, but before you hit delete, take a look at it! I have gotten the opportunity to attend a shows during NYFW, discover different food vendors around the city, and apply for scholarships just by checking my inbox! There are so many opportunities LIM College has to offer, you just have to open your email and read them!

2. Join a club!

Joining a club is the best way to experience the reality of different fashion careers without having to commit to an internship. Ever wanted to be a stylist, work a NYFW show, or write for a fashion magazine? Well, look no further because LIM College has a variety of clubs that matches those interests and more! Check out the Campus Life Fair Wednesday, August 31 at Maxwell Hall to see all the different clubs and organizations LIM College has to offer!

3. Work for the school!

There are different work study positions as well as regular student worker positions that I found when I attended the Campus Life Fair my first year! Although I'm not eligible for work study, I am still able to make extra money working in the Admissions Office! Working on campus allows me to have a flexible schedule and make a bunch of new friends!

Opening emails, joining clubs, and working for the school gives you that extra push you need to make friends because sometimes it is hard to connect with students when you only see them in class. Don’t let your tuition go to waste, take advantage of all the amenities LIM College has to offer!

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