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How I Came to Attend LIM College

posted by Analyse Frezzi


Making a college decision is a very hard task, there is no doubt about it. Growing up, I never thought I would be going to school in Manhattan to study fashion merchandising.  Life takes you in pretty crazy directions. Here's my story of how I ended up at LIM College.

Growing up, I always thought I would be a doctor, more specifically, a pediatrician. I always loved kids, and I wanted to be in a profession that helps people. As I got further into my high school career, I began to realize I am not cut out to be in the medical field - I am not that great science and I'm pretty squeamish. 

Since I was so set on becoming a doctor, it was hard to see myself doing anything else. Around the same time I realized I wouldn't be a good doctor, I started watching makeup tutorials on YouTube, and makeup quickly became my passion. I then wanted to become a professional makeup artist, specifically for fashion shoots. I spoke to my mom about going to cosmetology school after high school, and she said she thought it would be in my best interest to get a college degree, and I felt lost again. She suggested I study fashion merchandising, since I have always been into fashion.

A few months later, my high school hosted a college fair. I looked at cosmetology schools, just to see what they had to offer. I also looked at a few business schools. I then came across the LIM table and was intrigued by the banner hanging off the table which read "LIM College - Where Fashion Meets Business." I spoke to a representative and explained my career aspirations. To my surprise, she told me LIM has a program in cosmetics and fragrance marketing, and I can take those courses as a concentration in conjunction with a major of my choice. 

As soon as I heard that, I was intrigued, so I told my parents and together, we went to LIM's open house and we were sold on the school. During my senior year of high school I applied to LIM with high hopes and on December 15th, 2013, I found out I was accepted, and well, the rest is history!

I am so happy with my decision to go to LIM. I believe I am getting a great education, and I am so excited to be studying something I love.

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