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How I Came to LIM College

posted by Madison Roe


I am currently a junior at LIM College and coming here was the best decision of my life. Picking a college can be stressful. It’s where you are hoping you’ll be for the next four years. The next four serious, life changing, entering-adulthood-years of your life.

For myself it came down to a decision between two schools, one in upstate New York and LIM College. They were both very different schools. The only thing they probably have in common is that both are in the same state.

At the school in upstate New York I was admitted to the Visual and Performing Arts program to study fashion photography. Something completely different then I am studying now, which is marketing. Also, that college upstate is kind of in the middle of nowhere. Living in the city, especially when studying fashion or any type of art, is a smart move if you want to get your foot in the door early.

I picked LIM because I wanted to study the business of fashion, not the photographs that come from it. Also for the opportunities that surround the school. The exposure of living in a city full of fashion is what really drew me towards the college.

welcometolim-1.jpgYes, I was scared that maybe finding an internship or a job would be hard with the competition, but the great thing about LIM is that your colleagues and professors are there to help. As a junior I have had outstanding internships and made connections I could have never made anywhere else.

Another consideration when picking a school was meeting friends. I’m from Seattle, Washington. Coming from across the country I didn't know a single person in Manhattan. A traditional college seemed like the “easier” way to meet people.

So, when I chose LIM I was a bit nervous about meeting people in such a big city. Luckily, once I got here, meeting people was like a second nature.

Some advice and probably my best advice, is to dorm your first year because you meet so many people with the same feelings and thoughts as you. Plus living with someone, you can really get to know them. Today, all my friends from the dorms are still my closest friends. It’s crazy to think I have already lived in Manhattan for two years and have at least two more to go. The journey here wasn’t easy, but at the end of each day I thank myself for making the decision I did. I could not imagine myself anywhere else.

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