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How I Came to LIM: From the Fashion Graveyard to Life at LIM in NYC

posted by Amy Cooper

Besides the major cities in the U.S., most other places are fashion graveyards. I started my Fashion Merchandising education in one of those places. It was a late August day when I arrived at my first Fashion Fundamentals class at a small college in Connecticut. As I entered the 90’s-style carpeted classroom I was shocked to see only four other students. 

I opened up to a professor about my aspirations of attending a larger school with a more established fashion program. It was then that I learned about LIM College.

During my research, I concluded that LIM was both extremely unique and absolutely perfect. A college focused on the business side of the fashion industry was the exact place I wanted to study.

The only hitch was the location: New York City. Attending LIM would mean completely uprooting my life and I had so many reservations about moving. Would my boyfriend of five years acome with me? Would my parents completely freak out? How would I go all of that time without seeing my best friends? Despite my worries, I applied.

About a month later one of my best friends, Tori, was accepted into NYU for a graduate program. It was around the same time that I got the invitation for the Transfer Student/Instant Decision day. I immediately signed up.

Amy Cooper and Friends.jpgFrom the left: Michael, Tori, myself, and Sarah celebrating our one year anniversary in New York City

Since I’m here today writing for the LIM blog, obviously I was accepted into what felt like a school that was made for me. Within the same week, my boyfriend was offered a full time position in New Jersey, and my other best friend, Sarah, was also accepted into NYU.

All of a sudden, the future was decided. Me, my boyfriend, and my two childhood best friends of 20 years were all moving to New York City to start the next chapter of our lives together.

Was I dreaming? Were me and three of the most important people in my life really going to make this huge move to the best city in the world together? No, I wasn't dreaming.

After a month of rigorous, stressful, and exhilarating apartment hunting, we were the new tenants of a brand new, five bedroom apartment in a quaint neighborhood in Brooklyn.  We did it.

I have now lived in New York and attended LIM College for a year. Making the move wasn’t easy in any sense, but at the same time, it was easy in every sense.

My feelings about LIM never changed and I feel so incredibly grateful that I get to attend this school with so many other passionate, hard working students. I am proud to be in this city where fashion doesn’t go to die, but where it is born, where it thrives, and even where it is reborn again and again.

LIM is providing me with an education that will let me get the job of my dreams. The day I graduate from this school will be both a bittersweet ending, and the exciting beginning of the rest of my life.           

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