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How to get involved at LIM College

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By: Edel Singh

LIM College is anything but traditional. As you will often find yourself rushing from class to class, the best way to network with your fellow students is to join the activities available at the college. If you haven’t started yet, orientation is by far the best way to get to know some of the students here. If you already attend the college, joining a club or organization is the way to go. And, if you are lucky enough to live in the Residence Hall, getting involved in the community is super easy!


Some of the clubs offered at LIM are the Fashion Show Production club, the Student Leadership Council, B.R.A.G. (Black Retail Action Group) and the International Students Club (ISC). When I first started, I wasn’t quite sure about what to do, so I decided to actively participate in the International Students Club. We had a bake sale where we gathered food from all our home countries and sold them for a quarter. I also made the logo and flyers, while serving as the Vice President and CFO of the club. At this moment, the club is being rebranded, so hopefully we’ll start off the spring semester with a bang!

Though joining a club requires commitment, which LIM College understands that some students may have difficulties with, there are plenty of events that only require you to show up once. For example, I’ve attended a Grilled Cheese event sponsored by the college where we went to the East Village and basically just ate grilled cheese sandwiches.

I’ve gone to Broadway shows, such as Matilda and Pippin, as well as a Yankees game. There are career-focused events as well where guest speakers talk about their experience within the fashion industry, such as the founder of

In the Residence Hall, there are weekly programs hosted by the resident advisors during the evenings. These programs include coloring Christmas-themed pictures while drinking hot chocolate, to baking cookies to personality tests. For me, these programs are very beneficial and I attend as many as I possibly can.

The college also offers jobs in certain departments, such as Admissions, the Math Center and Student Life. By blogging, I am employed by the Marketing Department. If you really want to make a difference, and are currently living in the Residence Hall, RHC (Residence Hall Council) is a great option. RHC is a council that ensures all students have a great time while living at 1760. I was a member for a semester until I realized that I didn’t have time to give the council my undivided attention at that time (I promise, this has nothing to do with my addiction to Arrow.)

As you have probably heard before, life is what you make it, and the same applies to your experience at LIM College. The beauty of attending a non-traditional college is that you can make a decision about being involved a little or being involved as much as you can possibly handle. It’s all about you, and what you want to achieve. Many of the clubs are career focused, so if you want to be an event planner, joining the Fashion Show Production club is going to strengthen your resume. I try to balance it out so that I am able to socialize with my fellow students in a way that doesn’t leave me with too much on my plate. After all, you want these extracurricular activities to be fun!

As I mentioned, it’s all about you and what you want to achieve!

- Edel

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