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Best NYC Spots – Williamsburg Edition

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I love doing this series about sharing some of my favorite New York City spots, and this time I am doing a Williamsburg Edition. I hope you will take some time to check these places out!


10 Ft Single by Stella Dallas

This is hands down one of my favorite thrift stores in the city. They have such a large variety of vintage clothing, from t-shirts and sweaters to bomber jackets, denim jackets and overalls. Not only is the basic clothing great, but the graphics and design of the items are always so cool and special. Like any other thrift store you can always find a gem if you take the time, and everything is color coordinated inside so it makes the digging process much faster. It’s a must go to stop every time I go to Williamsburg.



This Southern style restaurant is quite a nice stop to make when you are feeling hungry for some yummy sandwiches. The best thing is they serve breakfast until 5:30 p.m. I mean who can resist a delicious breakfast with a Southern twist in the afternoon? Their tater tots are my favorite because they are not your typical tots. They’re two times bigger than the regular size, and with a hint of herbs these tater tots are a very nice afternoon savory delight.


J.Crew on Wythe

I am quite a fan of J. Crew for their basics to mix and match with other pieces in my wardrobe.(Especially since we get a 15% off student discount!) This J. Crew could possibly be one of the most architecturally decked out stores in the city. It’s their first foray into Brooklyn and it’s definitely off to a great start. They really took such attention to detail when creating this store that it’s a nice experience just to take a spin through the store.


Blue Bottle Coffee Company

If you are not hungry enough to sit down for a meal and are more of a café kind of guy/girl, then this place won’t disappoint. Blue Bottle is from the West Coast (Oakland, California) and is quite well known in the coffee community. I personally love their “flat white” (a double shot of espresso with freshly steamed milk with microfoam) and they brew a killer one. Of course you can always order a brownie or chocolate chip cookie if you are feeling like you want to #treatyoself. The café has a nice vibe and it’s a perfect place to refresh yourself to continue on with your Williamsburg adventure.


Space Ninety 8

Don't let the name fool you. It's actually an Urban Outfitters with a bar, restaurant and rooftop overlooking the East River and Manhattan. Even the Urban Outfitters part isn’t ordinary. They have a section filled with one-of-a-kind pieces made from vintage and dead stock materials, along with another area selling locally made goods. The first floor is almost like a flea market with many different booths selling the coolest and most interesting things. There is also the regular UO part with beauty products curated from all over the world. AND to top it all off, there is the bar and restaurant on the top floor! I was there for at least a couple hours when I first discovered this unique place.



If you are in Williamsburg on Saturdays, you have to go to Smorgasburg. There are over 80 food vendors outdoors, which are some of the best NYC foodie finds, such as Dough, Blue Bottle Coffee, Ramen Burger, Porchetta, etc. It’s a delicious experience that often leads me to a food coma, which is why walking it off around the neighborhood and shopping makes it the perfect routine in Williamsburg. It does scale down in the winter when it moves to 1000 Dean St. in Crown Heights, but it will be back in Williamsburg on the first weekend in April 2015.

Let me know if you decide to try any of these!!


Until next time…



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