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International Student Orientation

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Am I the only one who has mixed feelings about going back to school? I know it is such an exciting time to see everyone again, take the classes we chose back in the spring, and get involved in campus activities. However, it still means summer is over and the relaxing moments at the beach or in our home country are over, which can be really tough. But oh well, nothing we can do about that, right?

So time for school it is. Being a new international student involves way more than just the routine things I mentioned above. It is also the time to experience everything in a new country for the first time. This year LIM College made some huge changes to try and make things easier for new international students. For the first time, international students had an orientation all to themselves. Feeling special yet?

A week before LIM’s main Orientation began, the international students gathered to meet the College staff, visit the campus locations, and learn about many other things that will be available to them while they are students here.

The Orientation was great - from sessions like “Adjusting to Life in the U.S.” which helped students get up to speed on the American culture, to “SEVIS & Immigration: How Do I Stay in Status?” which made the rules very clear.


Most importantly though, was that everyone got to meet everyone -- people from China to Australia, from India to South America, who are all here to study the business of fashion. It was a great few days and I am sure everyone took advantage of being at this orientation and learned a lot to get prepared for their new life here in New York.

I welcome everyone and wish you all a great fall semester!

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