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Javits Center Trade Show: Stitch

posted by Cherry Ho


Cherry Ho is an 18-year-old Fashion Merchandising major from Taiwan.

I recently attended the STITCH show at the Javis Center. STITCH for focused on ready-to-wear designers and has a mix of contemporary, sportswear, lifestyle, and international brands.

Each of the booths in STITCH displayed their merchandise differently and some of the booths had models wearing the designers’ clothes. The mood of the show was good with a DJ playing music. I really enjoyed how the whole atmosphere made me feel.

From this show I discovered that floral and laces were back in style again and fabric was also important. High-end fashion brands are the most harmful for the world's resources and our planet. Thus, sustainability has become an important factor for designers to consider.

Luckily, I got the chance to speak with some of the designers that were at STITCH. We talked about how having sustainable and high-quality fabrics is necessary in the fashion industry now.

Another trend is that many designers are starting to use sustainable fabrics for their work and these sustainable fabrics t just might save the planet.

Black, white, and grey have always been trending colors. From what I saw in the show, bright colors like red and green are popular this year as well. Pastel colors such as white and nude are the newest trend.  


This booth in particular caught my attention. DAZLUQ is a designer brand that just started and this year is their first fall collection. In this collection they focused on using scuba fabric and silver sisal (DAZLUQ, 2016).

From the photos, it is easy to tell that DAZLUQ’s main colors are grey, black and white. Although these are all basic colors, the designer used different styles and fabrics to make the colors seem anything but ordinary.  

Personally, I liked the grey dress above that was shown on a mannequin as it is unique how there's a piece of cloth at the back and it can perfectly show a body's curves.

The photos below are two of the designs made of scuba fabric and silver sisal. Silver sisal looks like silver wires so one would expect it to be hard and uncomfortable. However, when I touched, it was really soft like silk and not rough at all.

The photo below on the left side is a formal black v-neck top. It was also made of scuba fabric and silver sisal and the image on the right is of a dress made out of super soft silver sisal.



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