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Landing a Great Fashion Internship at Furla

posted by Michelle Duron


When the time came close for my Career Building Seminar course in my senior year, I felt anxiety build up inside of me because I was concerned about not landing an internship in time for the class. Fortunately, with LIM’s Symplicity job board, I applied to a wonderful company where I was accepted to work.

I felt like the internship was a match and there was a level of connection relating to most of my goals. My supervisor was flexible enough to allow me to work 16 hours a week, which is twice a week and it worked out well. I loved that they were understanding of my needs.


I was nervous on my first day, yet I kept myself composed. I had my own desk, computer, and supplies. I made sure to apply my organizational skills throughout the internship. 

Although the internship’s dress code was casual; I decided to dress stylish, comfortable, and polished. On my first day I brought pens and a notebook even though when I got to the office I was provided with the appropriate supplies.

Michelle_Duron_Furla.pngI also made checklists and wrote every deadline on my calendar to track my goals. I knew I have always had a problem with tardiness, therefore I started to leave my clothes ready the night before. I made sure my alarm went off early, in order to arrive on time.

On a weekly basis, I started off my mornings with site-check updates, including some e-commerce shopping for my spreadsheet competitive analysis. As the internship progressed, I was given more responsibility throughout my role as a wholesale intern.

I started unpacking incoming boxes and samples for market week and organizing the showroom with Furla products. I attended the wholesale buyer meetings, which I was able to participate in with my supervisor. Observations included setting up market week displays for the various guests from different companies, visiting the showroom and meeting with our staff.

MichelleDuron_EcommerceAnalysis.pngMy job tasks include assisting the team by printing the showroom sample packets in order for the clients to order their samples. A big accomplishment was when my supervisor invited me to the Dillard’s team. At first, I introduced myself and after my supervisor showed them our collection or accessories, footwear and handbags I had a nice conversation with them after we spoke about the collection. They were very polite and hugged us good-bye. I felt proud of myself for stepping out of my comfort zone because I am shy and anxious around new people. Moreover, I’ve realized small talk is crucial because it shows a human side. Aside from just business in the workplace, peers, and clients want to feel welcome as well as comfortable.

My bosses were pleased with my work. I always made sure to ask questions and unlike the other interns I avoided complaining about anything. I always smiled and demonstrated a positive attitude. I would make sure to say hello and good-bye because common courtesy is a must for any internship. People want to work with interns who are friendly, detail-oriented and professional.

Of course, I had my bad days in terms of personal issues. For instance, I got sick with the flu and during the internship I worked in retail to pay off school, and had pink eye. I mourned the death of a family member (uncle-in-law) and even had a tooth-related surgical procedure done. 

I missed a few days, but I made up my hours and communicating with my bosses helped me achieved that. It wasn’t easy to be optimistic all the time, but honestly, what helped me stay strong was my journaling and discussion boards.

I realized that I was not the only student doing this and facing personal obstacles in my life. These issues are bound to happen and are inevitable. It’s what one makes of it which will dictate your outcome.

Fortunately, I remained strong and determined and writing about these experiences truly helped me out. I received an "A" in every homework assignment and I think it’s because I have a passion for writing. 

My internship at Furla, related to my future professional or educational goals because there was a high level of organizational skills involved. Towards the end, I composed a trend mood analysis fall chart, where I applied my creative skills in. This was my favorite project!

However, I discovered that the daily functions of this career probably wouldn’t fit me because I am seeking a more creative field. My goal is to seek a role in the industry where I can apply my artistic and writing skills. However, a wholesale positon is a plan B option since I have already learned the basics. Yet, I am determined to land my ideal internship as I head into my last senior semester. I am determined to find it.

As I approached the end of my internship, my role within Furla changed by assisting different co-workers during a sample sale. I also managed to start some conversations with my co-workers with light topics as an icebreaker to step out of my comfort zone.

People have treated me well and professional. Reflecting back on my learning objectives, I have changed quite a lot because this course, along with my online peers and instructor have helped me raise some of my confidence level. This was an amazing experience! I am glad to have earned this on my resume! 

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