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posted by Sofia Hardoy


At LIM, we are very fortunate to receive a great deal of help and support, not only academically but professionally as well. We have great advisors and we also take specific courses that educate us about the academics at LIM, the fields that we are interested in learning more about, and the fashion industry as a whole.

First of all, we are each assigned an academic advisor and a career advisor, and we are free to schedule appointments with them whenever we have any concerns. Academic advisors inform us about the courses and majors offered at LIM. They can help us decide which courses to take each semester, what courses to choose if we decide to study abroad, they can also help us create our graduation plan or transfer credits, and much more.

Career advisors can help us with anything regarding any current or potential jobs, creating our resume, preparing for interviews, and choosing what is the best major to help us achieve our career goals and so on.

Success_go_get_it.jpgWe also have the chance to take a course called Industry Exploration Seminar. During this course we discuss all the different types of careers in fashion and we explicitly learn how to create our resume, how to research the industry, and then how to find and get the jobs that we want.

In addition, we take a course called First Year Experience, which helps us adjust to our new college life. It introduces us all of the academics, the departments and the resources offered at LIM.

Our incredibly dedicated professors and advisors make a remarkable effort to give us any guidance that we might need. I know that I was very uncertain about what major I should pursue to get the types of jobs that I wanted. But I was informed about what my academic options were, what my future possibilities could be, and what are the best choices that I should make to achieve the success I desire. We all significantly benefit from their guidance and that is why we appreciate them so much here at LIM.

Find out more about LIM College's Academic Advising office and our Career Management office.

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