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My Internship at Zac Posen

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Spring 2015 started with some great accomplishments, which included being chosen as one of Zac Posen’s wholesale interns for the semester. Even though I’m working with the sales department now, eventually I’ll also work with other departments when they need my help.

Since the first day, the internship has been great. Everyone was really helpful showing and explaining how things at the showroom worked. I’ve also meet several new people and became friends with the other people interning at my department, and with the PR and design interns as well.

I’ve been gaining a lot of experience because I actually get to do real work tasks. Most of the time I’m working with Excel spreadsheets, updating all the buy orders and tracking the merchandise. I like that every day I get to do different tasks. As with seemingly every job in the fashion business, it is always changing and it’s never boring.


Fashion Week was an amazing experience, I got to see Zac Posen Fashion Show as a guest, which was really awesome because I didn’t have to be working during the show.  I saw Rihanna and Katie Holmes, who were sitting two rows in front of me. Naomi Campbell closed the show with an astonishing dress. It was a perfectly well-planned ending.

After fashion week came the wholesale department busiest time of the semester: Market Week. During Market Week, buyers from different stores came to the showroom to choose the pieces they like the most out of the collections and make their orders. During that week we have to work extra hours because there where so many appointments throughout the day for the two collections, ZZP and Zac Posen.

The interns had to help models get dressed during each appointment, reorganize the merchandise and write whatever notes there were after each appointment was over. It was a tough week, but the experience I got out of it was extraordinary. 

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