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Networking 101

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Networking on campus and getting to know people at LIM is really easy, even though for international students it may seem a little overwhelming at the beginning. I know coming to New York without knowing anyone may make you feel a little out of place, but let me tell you, you don’t have anything to worry about! Here are some tips on the different ways you can network and meet people on campus.


If you want to meet people with your same interests, the best way to do it is by joining a club. LIM has a variety of clubs which you can choose from. I am sure that there is something for everyone. There is a Fashion Show Production club, a  Fashion Styling club, even an International Students Club (ISC), and many more. Just be curious and attend the introductory session to all the clubs at the beginning of each semester so you can get to know the different clubs and register all at once.

Living in the dorms the first year of college is another way to network. At the dorms you can meet a lot of people, starting with your own roommate or roommates, depending on how many people you are planning to live with. There are also several fun events going on every week, so don’t miss them and attend as many as you can. It is so easy to make friends while living at the dorms.


Volunteering at fashion shows is another fun way to meet people. Usually when you volunteer, there will also be students from LIM volunteering at the same event. It is a fun way to spend a day off, plus you get to gain a lot of experience in the fashion industry.

So go out, volunteer, or join a club, and make as many friends as you can!

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