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The Benefits of Attending LIM

posted by Brielle Moray


My experiences at LIM College have really assisted me in preparing for my future career. All of my professors are leaders in the industry and many of them are at major fashion companies or run their own businesses.

Their experiences aid me in learning and in understanding the content in my classes. What really motivates me to learn is when I meet professors who have a true passion for their occupation.

LIM offers many useful tools for networking through jobs and internships. One of these that I feel is the most beneficial are the Career Fairs held twice a year. Each time I attend the event I have the opportunity to hand out my resume to prospective employers. It is a truly efficient way to make connections with industry professionals.

Saks_2.jpgAlso, when looking for internships or jobs I find that Symplicity is a valuable tool. On Symplicity, advisors review my resume and give me instructions on how to improve my resume. Symplicity also shows current internship offerings, which makes searching for positions simple.

Other opportunities that I have gained from at LIM are guest speaker presentations. One speaker that I listened to was Eric Nordstrom. I was stunned to be able to listen to such an inspirational and successful business person. His advice and his finesse inspired me further into my studies. The opportunity that I was given to hear him speak helped me to determine the steps I need to take if I want to be as successful as Nordstrom's someday.

nyc-subway-3.jpgLocation is another key factor that I have benefited from. LIM is strategically located in the middle of Manhattan. Subways, buses, and trains surround the college, which gives commuter students a simpler route to school.  

Walking around in Manhattan I am constantly surrounded by jobs and internships. Fashion and business are integrated into every part of the city. I am learning everyday just by walking down Fifth Avenue and witnessing all the incredible designer businesses and major retailers such as Saks Fifth Avenue. 

These are just a few of the many ways that I have benefited from LIM. I admire my school and all that it offers. One day when I am a successful entrepreneur in the fashion industry, I will be thankful to LIM College for helping me achieve my dreams!

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