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The Five Best Things About Transferring to LIM College

posted by Laura Healy, Assistant Director of Admissions

Spent this past semester feeling like you wished you were somewhere else? Not only is that perfectly fine, it's also very common; research shows that more than a third of college students transfer at least once. The question is: where to? If you're reading this, there's a good chance you're interested in the business of fashion and considering a move to LIM College. To help you make your decision, we put together the five best things about transferring here. Take a look!


1. We make the transition seamless and fun. If at any point you have questions about transferring credits, the application, or LIM in general, we have a dedicated Transfer Services team that is ready to help smooth out the process for you. We even regularly host an event called "Transfer Connect" that brings together prospective transfer students, current transfer students, and alumni who were transfers for an evening of mentoring, networking, and academic advising (hors d’oeuvres, too!). This event is just one example of how much we make it a point to engage with LIM's newest students—and part of why LIM was named to Phi Theta Kappa's "Transfer Honor Roll." 

2. You'll make a lot of like-minded friends. That event we just mentioned? You certainly won't be the only one there. More than a third of our current students transferred to LIM from other colleges—meaning you'll be surrounded by peers in and out of the classroom just like you who are looking to fit in, excel in the business of fashion, and explore their college careers someplace they really love. 

3. You'll see a return on your investment right away. LIM students start interning as early as their first year here, and on average, they graduate with at least three internships they can reference in job interviews. We'll work closely with you to make sure you get started on an internship ASAP, too; as you probably already know, real world experience is extremely important to employers. And not only that, you'll very quickly find yourself immersed in networking opportunities, so you can start building up your list of connections. (We'll even give you business cards when you arrive, so you can easily pass along your contact information.)

4. Our graduates will become your new alumni network. Gap Inc., Hearst Magazines, Saks Fifth Avenue, Madison Square Garden, GSN Games, H20 Seafood & Sushi, J.Crew, Henri Bendel, L'Oreal, MSA Security... LIM graduates are, simply put, everywhere. They're successful, ambitious, and very supportive when it comes to helping out fellow LIM graduates.

5. You can apply right now. If you're thinking LIM is where you belong, we'd love to hear from you. We accept transfer applications on a rolling basis, and you can expect a decision within four to six weeks after submitting the materials on our Transfer Admissions Checklist. And as always, if you have any questions, contact us anytime.

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