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Tips for taking advantage of LinkedIn and other social media sites

posted by Taryn Garshofsky


In 2015, it’s getting pretty hard to ignore social media platforms. Below is a list of ways that college students can benefit from using LinkedIn and other social media sites for personal and professional purposes.

What you should focus on:

  • Professionalism: How are you portraying yourself to employers, supervisors and peers?
    • How do you represent yourself as an LIM College student and as a person seeking a fashion internship?
    • Do you have an appropriate picture and content on your page?
  • Know your platform: What information do you have on different social media websites?
    • What are you posting about?
    • Who are you following and who are you not following?
    • Who are the right people to follow? (Instagram & LinkedIn)
    • What type of language are you using?
  • Build relationships and connect with professionals.
    • Get recommendations. (LinkedIn)
    • Discover new companies and internship/job opportunities.
    • Build a diverse professional online network.
  • Be yourself!
    • Social media platforms are a way to express who you are and to share!

The benefits of being active on LinkedIn:

  • Show off projects and work that are related to what type of internship/job you are looking for.
  • Receive job and internship alerts.
  • Research a company before an interview, as well as the person you are interviewing with.
  • Research old supervisors to make new connections.
  • Follow alumni and reach out for opportunities.
  • Be found by a recruiter or a Human Resource representative at a company you’re interested in.
  • Get recommendations from past supervisors and professors for work that you want to succeed in.
  • Join groups for industry buzz and up-to-date information about open internship opportunities

By Taryn Garshofsky, Career Advisor

Topics: social media, Student Advice, Career Services