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Transfer Student: From North Carolina to New York City

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by Aryelle Santos

Sneakers.jpgThere’s a lot of pressure coming into to LIM College as a transfer student. From the stress of transfer credits, graduation planning, and getting mistaken for a freshman, transferring can seem very overwhelming.

Coming into LIM College as a transfer student, I was not new to college experience, but I am new to student life at LIM. For me, there was some adjusting when making my big move to New York City.

I came from a community college in North Carolina called Wake Tech. College life in North Carolina was definitely different that New York City.

In North Carolina, driving was the only form of transportation. Now that I go to school in NYC I had to get used to taking trains, subways, buses, and walking a lot. Walking so much was hands down my biggest adjustment. There were honestly times when I would want to fall asleep in class just from exhaustion because I would walk to and from The Townhouse and Maxwell three times a day. (Sneakers immediately became my best friend.)

Manhattan_Library.jpgOther than adjusting to public transportation in New York City, I learned a lot during my first semester. Being a transfer student, I wanted to do everything in my power to graduate within the next two years. 

Thinking back, I wish I would have kept in better touch with the LIM Admissions Office by asking them questions, no matter how dumb those questions may seem, and to be smart about the classes I took at Wake Tech.

I really had to wrap my head around the fact that it is okay to take my time in college. I am going to school in the greatest city in the world! I learned that it is important move at your own pace, and not to feel so pressured to graduate the same year as all of my friends. I realized that I need to take the time to appreciate the opportunities New York City and LIM College brings to me!

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