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TUESDAY TIPS – Tips for Planning a Successful Semester

posted by LIM College

by Heather Wright, Experiential Education Assistant

Write Goals

Set_Goals.jpgMy grandmother always told me that I should write down all of my dreams, especially those that seem the most intangible. How can you achieve your wildest dreams, she’d ask, if you haven’t thought of them in the first place?

The first step to achieving success—in life, in your career, in your academics—is to define what success means to you. Create a list of goals for the semester.

What do you need to accomplish this fall in order to feel successful? Do you want to earn a 4.0 GPA? Do you want to make two to three new friends? Do you want to join a club, earn an award, or attend a networking event? Whatever your goals, be sure to write them down and post them somewhere you will encounter them often. (Refrigerators and bathroom mirrors work wonderfully!)

Manage Your Time

clock-772953_640.jpgJuggling coursework, an internship, and maybe even a club or a job can be difficult. To avoid becoming overwhelmed with deadlines, work, and engagements, put some thought into how you are going to manage your time this semester.

Find a system that works for you, whether that is a task management app (there are many!), a planner, a detailed calendar that lists important due dates and events, or a simple daily/weekly/monthly to-do list.

Whatever you choose, take some time to gather your syllabi, the LIM College academic calendar, and any important dates or deadlines from your internship, job, or personal life, and plan out your semester.

Gather Materials

childrens-hands-1052295_640.jpgThis one might seem obvious, but taking some time in the beginning of the semester to buy or rent textbooks, purchase school supplies, and identify your resources is crucial to academic success. There are so many materials available to you through LIM, the library, and the web, so taking stock of what you have and what you need is an important first step when beginning your coursework.

Learn how to use Blackboard, scroll through library databases, access your Symplicity account, and familiarize yourself with local resources as well: museums, the New York Public Library (NYPL just released an app that puts 300,000 books at your fingertips for free with a library card!), and local lectures and workshops are all great supplements to LIM’s long list of student resources. 

Find a Support System

Support.jpgSuccess does not need to be a lonely venture. Gather support from your family, friends, LIM peers, and mentors. If you are struggling, overwhelmed, or just need someone to talk to, visit the Office of Counseling & Wellness Services in Maxwell Hall. Form study groups, network with LIM students and professional contacts, and schedule in plenty of time for social activities—being a college student is hard work, but it can (and should!) be a lot of fun! 

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