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What Do Visual Merchandising Majors Actually Study?

posted by Samantha Schechter

I am a Visual Merchandising major, which happens to be the smallest major at LIM. Does that make it any less important? Absolutely not.

What is Visual Merchandising

Many students at LIM, most people for that matter, don’t really understand what visual merchandising is all about. It’s creative, innovative, and expressive. As a visual merchandiser, we take the product and present it in a way that attracts customers. You may be thinking, that kind of sounds like marketing, and you’d be right. Visual merchandising combines many aspects of the fashion industry.

Samantha_Schechter_Three_Color_Project.jpgAs a Visual Merchandising major, one of my current course is Introduction to Visual Merchandising. While many students in my class are Visual Merchandising majors, other majors have the opportunity to take this course as well, which I highly recommend.

For me, the choice of studying visual merchandising was a no brainer, I love the business side of fashion, but I need a creative outlet. While I have been certain of my major for quite some time now, at the beginning of my studies I was questioning whether I had the creative inspiration to handle the workload. I never should have doubted myself.

In the Visual Merchandising Studio

Samantha_Schechter_Rose_Box.jpgThe first project that I completed in the Visual Merchandising Studio was a Shadow Box and it made me realize that everyone has a creative spark in them, and learning how to express it is part of this course.

Looking at everyone’s finished products, I was in awe at the talent before me. I recall hearing girls in the hallway before class questioning whether or not their project would come out well, and I won’t deny the same feelings.

Yet once you enter the studio, and everyone is hard at work, the creative energy flows around the room and produces something incredible. 

I couldn’t be more satisfied with my choice to major in visual merchandising, and maybe you’ll consider it too. Having tangible work and a finished display you poured your heart into is irreplaceable.

One of my favorite parts of the course is also the critiques. Through critiquing my classmates' work, it sparks my creativity and how to improve my work. My advice to you, give visual merchandising a try, you have far more creativity than you think and now’s your time to test it out.

If you're interested in finding out more about LIM College's Visual Merchandising major, just head to our website.

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